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bits and pisces
0untitled by victoria//grout on Flickr.
0060. amulet* (by H.hau`oli*)
102301210 by Hudsalva on Flickr.
217022010 by Hudsalva on Flickr.

05032010 - old (by Hudsalva)
"In the act of tearing something apart, you lose its meaning."
written by Malcolm Gladwell, Blink
2young. by C☮URTNEY on Flickr.
3365 - Day 49 (by Sachie Nagasawa - somewhair)
3untitled by *Hiromasa* on Flickr.
4untitled by *Hiromasa* on Flickr.
Of Monsters and Men live stream

This is so perfect


untitled by *Hiromasa* on Flickr.
1untitled by Perhaluk Roma on Flickr.
6untitled by Perhaluk Roma on Flickr.

Winter lanscape, on moleskine